George Carlin's Microphone
George Carlin's Microphone
"Tonight's forecast: Dark. Continued mostly dark tonight, changing to widely scattered light towards morning."


George Carlin




Dries the immediate area of moisture


User will develop Carlin’s personality


Swearing into

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 23, 2014



George Carlin was a stand-up comedian and social critic who heavily used his comedic material to vent his opinions on politics, religion, language, society and other taboo topics, who was best known for his involvement with the ever-popular "Bill and Ted" Franchise. One of his social topics, aptly named "Seven Words you should never say on television", was public cursing on television and radio networks, which he addressed in his “seven dirty words” routine. The issue later went to a court case, where networks could regulate but not completely control what was considered indecent material such as swearing. Many of his shows tackled serious themes in a nihilistic approach, criticizing many of the problems of the world, such as civil liberties, death, war, consumerism, corruption, drug use and pollution. His frank delivery of satirizing issues brought him to the top of the comedic world, inspiring the sets and styles of many modern comedians.


Activated by cursing into it, the microphone dries the immediate area of moisture. This solidifies cement, dries paint, preserves meat and removes mold very quickly. However, the user will start to absorb some of Carlin’s nature and wording. They will constantly use obscenity, especially when trying to make a point about a serious issue. The user will be subject to describing events in as negative but comedic way as possible. Many of the people they talk to will either be disgusted by their mindset or praise them for seeing truths and inaccuracies.

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