Gemstone Amplifying Quartz
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Quartz pieces


Amplifies the effects of gemstones as well as gemstone artifacts


Proximity to gemstones

Collected by

Multiple Collectors:
Mayan Warehouse Branch;
Warehouse 12;
Warehouse 13



Date of Collection

Multiple Collection Dates


Multiple pieces of quartz gemstones of various sizes

Origin[edit | edit source]

For those who believe that gemstones contain different powers, some suspect that quartz, among its other properties, can amplify the powers of other gemstones when placed near them.

In general, though, quartz has many properties and uses, from jewelry to clocks. They have piezoelectric properties, and since the first synthetic quartz were created in 1948, almost all quartz used in modern electronics is synthetic.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The quartz pieces have the ability to gift properties to other gemstones. Their effects vary based on each gemstone, but the general view is that all of the "qualities" of various gemstones are from these artifacts. These gemstones only have a degree of their "power", and only for as long as the quartz is in proximity of it.

When used in proximity to gemstones which have become artifacts, the properties of those artifacts is increased. Usually the properties are amplified or stabilized, and downsides are reduced, though the degree that each artifact's properties are affected varies by artifact.

Collection[edit | edit source]

It is suspected that all of the quartz came from a mine in Brazil sometime prior to 10 AD. The sizes vary as the quartz got broken into smaller pieces, and while it was initially kept in the Americas, the arrival of the Europeans sent some into Europe.

The exact amount of quartz that became the artifact is unknown. So far, approximately 100 grams of the quartz has been collected, and mostly in small pieces.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When used with regular gemstones, the effects of the Quartz can be amplified depending on how the gemstone is set up. Most notably, the Mayan Warehouse Branch used an arrangement of chrysoprase with quartz placed in a certain arrangement to amplify the invisibility properties of the gem to hide the entrance to the Branch.
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