Gary Larson's Tear-Away Calendar


Gary Larson's "The Far Side"


Tear-Away Calendar


Causes one absurd thing to happen per day


Occurrences are random and potentially dangerous


Tearing page

Collected by

James McPherson



Date of Collection

February 21, 1990



Gary Larson is an American cartoonist known for his single-panel comic "The Far Side". Each comic is usually only one image with a caption and often features absurd situations or different perspectives on life. Larson's art style has become widely known, and he frequently makes use of cows, insects and large-headed bespectacled humans.

Larson's comics have been incorporated into many different items including clothing, mugs and many, many calendar.


The calendar is always stocked with pages for the year 1988. Removing the corresponding page for the current day will cause some unexpected and often completely absurd incident to befall the user. These things can defy all logic and even the laws of physics, but tend not to last long. Despite the random nature of these events, they will only ever cause lasting effects to the original user, though others can choose to become involved if they interfere. 

This effect will only occur on the correct date. If a page is not torn off for one day it will fall on its own and become a blank square. At the end of each year that calendar refreshes itself with a new set of comics, though some can be recycled. On February 29th during a leap year the calendar seems to become confused and will flip through it's pages wildly as if searching for the right date.

Agents are to be reminded that after the incident with the ferret cabaret, the calendar is no longer considered safe for office use.

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