Garrett Graham's Sea Glass Bracelet
Garrett New Bracelet


Garrett Graham


Sea glass string bracelet


Repeats memories of Garrett Graham





Collected by

Felix Draco

Date of Collection

June 1, 2015



On the 26 of May, 2015, Agent Garrett Graham came into contact with Pinkamena's Cupcake Tin. Using Sigmund Freud's Lighter and Edna St. Vincent Millay's Candle to split himself into two entities, his less moral half, dubbed Graham, led the agents on a chase around the world.

Re-convening in the Warehouse, a stand-off ensued between Felix Draco and the newly re-fused Graham and Garrett. In the chaos, Garrett impaled himself with Pearl's Gemstone. Before dying, he revealed the Graham, as his Id, had only been acting on suppressed feelings of love for Felix and was only trying to be noticed. Felix presented Garrett with this rainbow colored rubber bracelet, something he had been meaning to give him before the drama. As Garrett died, the bracelet became an artifact imbued with his memories of his life both before and during his time in the Warehouse.

This made Garrett one of only two current agents who had produced traditional artifacts, and one of five Warehouse staff with an artifact tied to their life.


When worn, the wearer will experience the memories of Garrett Graham as vivid flashbacks. The memories play when the wearer focuses on the bracelet or is in a situation when the memory is relevant. So far only Agent Felix Draco has worn the bracelet, so it is unknown if it will work with others given their bond.

Given the circumstances of it's creation, it is kept on his possession at all times and seems to act as a neutralizer to his pendant.

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