Garrett Graham
The fairy tales I loved have taught me

No matter what hurdles there may be
Your wish comes true
Was I a fool to trust in those lies?


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Life before the WarehouseEdit

Garrett Graham (April 8, 1999 - May 26, 2015 - Present) was always interested in myths and legends, history, and Creepypasta stories. He lived in Florida and attended middle school like everyone else. He didn't have that unusual of a life.

Introduction to Warehouse 13Edit

Garrett was at school in science class, and one student was using a vintage-looking microscope. After the class assignment was over, the other sudent complained of feeling uneasy and started to "come apart". Garrett, who recently studied scientific history, thought this was similar to molecular, atomic, and elemental disarrangement. Agents Tyler Lepido and Aden Taylor came and neutralized the artifact, which was Antoine Lavosier's Microscope. Witnessing this, Garrett was convinced there must be more stuff like it. He would never forget it.

Since so many artifacts are triggered by, and even feel emotions, and as Garrett was an empath, Mrs. Fredric gave him an invite to South Dakota, which to his parents was a recommendation for an internship that would help him enter an Ivy League school.

When he arrived, almost everyone didn't trust him because he was so young. But, after some reassurance, the others began to warm up to him.

He joined the Warehouse soon after Leena died, meaning all current agents were present, including Felix, Aden, and H.A.R.P. He joined at the age of 14, and was an agent for two years before his death and subsequent resurrection.

Life in Univille Edit

For some time after he was taken to Univille, he frequently acquiesced to the desires of and attempted to mimic the people around him at both the B&B and in school as a result of his abusive upbringing, fearing that if he wasn't obedient and likable enough, he would be hated and sent away. Eventually, he was helped to grow out of this mirroring behavior, and has become more assertive and positively selfish over time, though is still somewhat submissive and quiet.

Personality Edit

Garrett is, being a teenager, victim to his emotions and vulnerable both mentally and emotionally. He has strong convictions of wrong and right, and disapproves with some of the Warehouse's practices (namely Bronzing, which he is greatly afraid of). On very rare occasions, with or without Graham's influence, he is prone to outburst of anger.

He has a kind of hero complex, having strong desires to help others even if he can't help himself, even if it is at his own expense. His empathy, which allows him to experience the emotions of others, can help, but often if who he is trying to help feeling negatively, it will affect him just as badly. Due to this, he is in a damaging loop of wanting to help act as therapeutic counselling for others such as the victims of Bronzing.

Due to his past with his family, Garrett can be upset by certain things such as negative comments on his appearance, intelligence, personality, life choices, etc. This manifested as an initial occasional disliking for Artie, who at times resembled his father in some aspects. Also due to his abusive upbringing, during which he was frequently made to believe his treatment was his own fault, he has issues with self-worth and blames himself more easily or more harshly than he ought to. However, as of late, he is beginning to truly get past his issues and not treat himself so harshly.

Garrett is desperate for attention, relishing in any positive glance or praise he receives. As such, he used to suck up to others, especially Felix and the other high-up Agents. As an extension of this, he has a flare for the dramatic and enjoys the thought of being able to show off to impress others, and relishes in drama-oriented scenarios such as dancing, signing, etc. As a lover of music and theater, he has a fair amount of knowledge of the history of music and theatrical entertainment, and has been known to practice dancing in his free time.

He has expressed a great interest in learning the history of the Warehouse and its employees, and often goes to the Warehouse's filing room to read up on old cases and the personal stories of past agents for hours at a time.

After Graham, his confidence has greatly improved, though it is still low at times. He is more willing to voice his own opinions even if it challenges others, and if he feels a certain way, he'll speak up. Due to his influence, Garrett can be more prone to expressing his annoyance and anger.

Like Pete's Vibes and Steve's lie-detection, Garrett's ability is empathy. He is able to experience the emotions of others through physical contact, though over time this ability has strengthened to the point where he can sense overall emotions in a location. If someone's emotions are particularly strong, he can even experience visions of what relates to that person's emotions, though they are short; he can also experience physical sensations from strong emotions, such as severe pain when Felix was having a nightmare about his torture.

Death Edit

At the end of the Double Danger arc, Garrett agreed to re-fuse with Graham, who had an artifact-enhanced romantic obsession with Felix. Upon learning that Felix didn't exactly reciprocate the feelings, Graham went berserk, but was restrained by Garrett, who used Pearl's spear to kill himself and spare Felix, Drake, and Carl. At the time of his death, he created an artifact, his Tye-Dye rubber bracelet, which holds his memories.


After some time over a month, Felix had found a way to revive Garrett through as of yet undisclosed means the day before the wedding of Tyler Lepido and Bri Rependatta. Another artifact, Jane Goodall's Watch, allows him to take the form of a human, but without it, his default form is a red fox.

As of his revival, he is in a relationship with Felix Draco.

Garrett Fox Form

Garrett's default fox form.


  • Abigail Chow: Garrett sees Abigail as a kind and calm aunt-figure. He has bonded with Abigail over an interest in the Warehouse's history, mostly due to his admiration for someone with access to its best-kept and most interesting secrets. However, as she cannot actually access that information whenever she wants, they tend to discuss other things, if anything at all. He regularly helps her with chores around the B&B, which she has taught him about.
  • Aden Taylor: After watching Zootopia, Aden persistently calls Garrett variations of Nick Wilde. Due to Graham's internal influence, Garrett will sometimes be wary of him to varying degrees; on bad days he dislikes, fears, or even hates Aden due to subconscious reasons he can't pinpoint.
  • Artie Nielsen: Garrett sees Artie as an experienced, grumpy, but caring uncle-figure. He has given him general lessons about working at the Warehouse, as well as about languages and some cryptography.
  • Claudia Donovan: Similar to Claudia's relationship with Pete, Garrett views Claudia like a fun and experienced older-sister-figure. She has given him guitar and computer lessons.
  • Felix Draco: Garrett saved Felix's life from Fred Phelps' Hat, and after that experience, he came out, and Felix was the first to know. Felix discovered in the Double Danger Arc that Garrett had fallen in love with him when they first met. Currently, they are a couple.
  • Graham Family: His parents and two sisters. TBA.
  • Irene Frederic: Garrett sees Mrs. Frederic as a distant but caring grandmother-figure. Even after she resigned from her position as Caretaker and was succeeded by Claudia, he still refers to her as "Mrs. Frederic" (or, on rare occasions, "Mrs. F.").
  • Myka Bering: Garrett views Myka as a firm-but-fair mother-figure. She has given him combat training and language lessons.
  • Nick Renson: After learning of his true identity as Alexander the Great, Garrett had many questions. However, he never had the time nor the courage to ask them.
  • Oto Barry: The two had never met each other personally, and Garrett didn't even know of Oto's existence. He was the one who sent (TBA artifact).
  • Pete Lattimer: Garrett views Pete as a caring and lighthearted father-figure. He has given him driving lessons.
  • Steve Jinks: Garrett views Steve as a calm and experienced older-brother-figure. He has given him meditation and aim lessons.

Field ArtifactsEdit

As an agent, Garrett is allowed to bring three artifacts and devices with him on missions.

Artifacts RecoveredEdit

Soundtrack Edit

Garrett's personal playlist ((still in the works))


  • Appropriate to his demise, the name Garrett has Germanic origins and means " brave with the spear", "rules by the spear", or " hard or bold spear."
    • A "garret" is a habitable attic at the top of a residential building that is often cramped and dismal, considered the "least prestigious" position in a building.
  • "Graham" is a name of English origin that means "gray home" or "gravel home". In this sense, it is used to refer to Garrett's unloved childhood.
  • Came out of the closet when dealing with Fred Phelps' Cowboy Hat
  • Garrett, as an agent, was two firsts. He was the youngest official agent in recorded Warehouse history, but was also the youngest agent to die while employed.
  • He is an Aries
  • In terms of Yu-Gi-Oh!, he tends to rely on decks based around gimmicks, such as an Exodia deck focused on constant drawing and searching, or the fortune-telling theme of Arcana Force or Fortune Ladies. But, he does enjoy using a Madolche deck for both its ability to replenish itself and its incredible cuteness.
  • Likes international travel thanks to the Warehouse, and would enjoy visiting Egypt.
  • Once tried to use Jeannette Piccard’s Sandbag to levitate in the air when he started to practice dancing. He ended up dropping it and fell to the floor, breaking his arm.
  • He is mostly an extremely kind, caring, and forgiving person, and tends to act as a mediator in arguments.
    • He has, as such, been dubbed the Warehouse's "morality pet".
  • At the moment, no Warehouse agent knows that Garrett killed Chad Linwell.
  • His favorite Christmas song is "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  • He tries not to think about how his real body, technically, is buried in the Univille cemetery.
  • The first movie he watched with the Warehouse gang after being brought to Univille was Disney's Cinderella.
  • His birth family are as follows:
    • Trent Graham (Father)
      • His name is based on "Lady Tremaine", the name given to the wicked stepmother in Disney's adaptation of Cinderella.
    • Magnolia Graham (Mother)
    • Chloe & Tiffany Graham (Sisters)
      • His sisters' names are based on "Clorinda" and "Tisbe", the names given to the two wicked stepsisters in the Italian opera adaptation of Cendrillon, La Cenerentola, by Gioachino Rossini. Likewise, his mother's name is based on "Don Magnifico", who takes the wicked stepmother's place in the opera.
        • In this version of the story, Cenerentola (Cinderella) is not identified by a pair of slippers, but instead a bracelet, of a matching pair she shares with the prince.
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