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Garrett Graham
The fairy tales I loved have taught me

No matter what hurdles there may be
Your wish comes true
Was I a fool to trust in those lies?


Garrett Graham





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Life before the Warehouse

Garrett Graham (April 8, 1999 - August 2X, 2015 - Present) was born and raised in Zephyrhills, Florida with two parents and two sisters. His parents very vocally preferred his sisters to him, and neglected and abused him since he was very young.

While on a case to retrieve an artifact, Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering encountered Garrett. Garrett later brought the artifact they were searching for home until he gave it back to them so they could neutralize it. While talking to him, they learned of his abusive home life. The agents ended up taking Garrett home to Univille with them, where he would live from then on.

For his first half-year in Univille, Garrett had no knowledge of the Warehouse. Pete, Myka, and the rest of the Warehouse's employees they worked and lived with were all just close friends, some of whom were working to try and find Garrett a new adoptive family in Univille to take care of him.

When he was first brought to Univille, he immediately fell in love with the small town. He found the close-knit community and lack of big-city features charming and beautiful. Similar to Claudia Donovan, who took many pictures of the Badlands around the Warehouse when she arrived, he took many pictures of Univille and pinned them up around his room. Many locals found it confusing that someone who didn't even come from there found Univille so much nicer than the people who actually lived there.

During this time he attended the local high school, which he once convinced to put on a play about how Univille was founded, but struggled with balancing a genuine story about the founders' true lives and others wanting it to be interesting and exciting so people would actually want to watch.

For some time after he was taken to Univille, he frequently acquiesced to the desires of and attempted to mimic the people around him at both the B&B and in school as a result of his abusive upbringing, fearing that if he wasn't obedient and likable enough, he would be hated and sent away. Eventually, he was helped to grow out of this mirroring behavior, and has become more assertive and positively selfish over time, though is still somewhat submissive and quiet.

Introduction to Warehouse 13

Around half a year after he was brought to Univille, Garrett discovered the Warehouse when TBA.


He joined the Warehouse a year or so after Leena died, meaning most current agents were present, including Felix, Aden, and H.A.R.P. He joined at the age of 16, and was an official affiliate of the Warehouse for only around half a year before his death.


Around a year after being brought to Univille, a private investigator came to the town and announced the Graham family's intentions of reclaiming Garrett from the Warehouse employees, who the Grahams accused of kidnapping their son. While the family held no love for their son, they wanted their 'property' and 'chore boy' back. The employees were drawn into a legal battle for custody over Garrett.

It was during this incident that he was exposed to both Franz Kafka's Blanket and Carl Jung's Lamp, which split him from his repressed subconscious Shadow and granting it draconic features; thus, Graham was born. Garrett and Graham later fought, and subsequently both died.


After some time over a month, Felix had found a way to revive Garrett through as of yet undisclosed means the day before the wedding of Tyler Lepido and Bri Rependatta. Another artifact, Jane Goodall's Watch, allows him to take the form of a human, but without it, his default form is a red fox.

After his revival, he entered a romantic relationship with Felix Draco.


Garrett, fueled primarily by a desire to be nothing like his birth family and in appreciation of those who rescued him, makes a concerted effort to treat everyone with kindness. He has very strong convictions of right and wrong, and disapproves with some of the Warehouse's less ethical practices (namely Bronzing, which he is greatly afraid of).

He has a kind of hero complex, having strong desires to help others even if he can't help himself, even if it is at his own expense. His empathy, which allows him to experience the emotions of others, can help, but often if who he is trying to help feels negatively, it will affect him just as badly. Due to this, he is in a damaging loop of wanting to help act as therapeutic counselling for others, such as the victims of Bronzing.

On very rare occasions, with or without Graham's influence, he is prone to outbursts of anger. He is sensitive to anything he perceives as a threat to his and his family's continued happiness, whether it threaten to break them apart or upset their opinion of him. He may reflexively react harshly to such threats, such as accusing the Regents wanting to punish Felix Draco for reviving Garrett of prefering Garrett dead, even if he didn't actually believe his own words. As an empath, this gives him the potential to be especially cruel, as he has knowledge of how exactly to make someone hurt.

Due to his abusive upbringing, during which he was frequently made to believe his treatment was his own fault, he has issues with self-worth and blames himself more easily or more harshly than he ought to. Additionally, as he felt alone and entirely at his birth family's mercy for the many years he lived with them, he has an internal desire for power and strength, as he feels it would give him security and comfort in not being beholden to others who may mean him harm, as well as the ability to take care of himself if need be. This desire is, for the most part, greatly diminished so long as he remains with those he feels truly comfortable and safe with, and on good terms.

Garrett is desperate for attention, relishing in any positive glance or praise he receives. As such, he used to suck up to others, especially Felix and the other high-up agents. As an extension of this, as well as his desire for power, he has a flare for the dramatic and enjoys the thought of being able to show off to impress others, and relishes in drama-oriented scenarios such as dancing, singing, etc. Ironically, his coordination skills left a lot to be desired without refinement and tutelage from someone more experienced, such as Myka; indeed, he once broke an elbow attempting ballet in his bedroom.

He has expressed a great interest in learning the history of Univille, the Warehouse, and its employees. He often goes to the Warehouse's filing room to read up on old cases and the personal stories of past agents for hours at a time. While it is easy to get caught up in the Warehouse as a whole, an ancient and massive structure spanning the globe with immeasurable reach and influence, he is much more fascinated by and interested in the 'smaller' stories, the lives of the people the Warehouse have touched.

Like Pete's Vibes and Steve's lie-detection, Garrett's ability is empathy. He is able to experience the emotions of others through physical contact, though over time this ability has strengthened to the point where he can sense overall emotions in a location. If someone's emotions are particularly strong, he can even experience visions of what relates to that person's emotions, though they are short; he can also experience physical sensations from strong emotions, such as severe pain when Felix was having a nightmare about his torture.

Skills and Abilities

  • Empathy: Garrett has the paranatural ability to sense the emotions of humans, animals, artifacts, and the residual emotions left in a location and on a normal object for a period of time. This functions similarly to Leena's ability to see auras, but on a more limited and specific scale. Being able to sense the emotions of others gives him advantages in the following:
    • Acting: TBA
    • Manipulation: TBA
  • Knowledge: Garrett has a personal interest in the history of the Warehouse and its employees, and has devoted much time to reading about and researching both. This has given him a notable knowledge of their history and of specific agents throughout the centuries. However, this knowledge does not extend to anything redacted by the Regents, nor other general knowledge held within the Warehouse Manual, which Garrett considers too enormous to read even a fraction of.
  • Transformation: After his revival, while wearing Jane Goodall's Watch, Garrett can transform into a red fox by removing the watch and into a human by donning it. Assuming his fox form grants him the following abilities:
    • Enhanced Physicality: Foxes are small and very fast and nimble, allowing them to run at speeds up to 30 mph (50 km/h), slightly faster than the average human. This makes covering long distances, catching up to targets, and escaping people or situations easy.
    • Enhanced Senses: Foxes' senses of hearing, smell, and eyesight are much stronger than those of humans. They also have excellent night vision.
      • Magnetoreception: Foxes are able to sense the magnetic field of the planet and use it for hunting and innate navigation.

Garrett's default fox form.


  • Abigail Chow: Garrett sees Abigail as a kind and calm aunt-figure. He has bonded with Abigail over an interest in the Warehouse's history, mostly due to his admiration for someone with access to its best-kept and most interesting secrets. However, as she cannot actually access that information whenever she wants, they tend to discuss other things, if anything at all. He regularly helps her with chores around the B&B, which she has taught him about.
  • Aden Taylor: After watching Zootopia, Aden persistently calls Garrett variations of Nick Wilde.
  • Artie Nielsen (canon): Garrett sees Artie as an experienced, grumpy, but caring uncle-figure. He has given him general lessons about working at the Warehouse, as well as about languages and some cryptography.
  • Claudia Donovan: Similar to Claudia's relationship with Pete, Garrett views Claudia like a fun and experienced older-sister-figure. She has given him guitar and computer lessons.
  • Felix Draco: Felix had already been an agent for several months by the time Garrett came to Univille. As Felix spent most of his time inside the Warehouse, their paths did not often cross before Garrett discovered the Warehouse and semi-officially joined its crew. Shortly before Garrett's death, they shared a meaningful conversation while hitching a ride on the cargo train that runs through Univille; it was this conversation that later caused Felix to decide Garrett did not deserve to die and begin his efforts to revive him, which he successfully managed. After his revival, Felix was forced out of necessity to disguise Garrett as a pet fox, Target, to avoid letting anyone know of his project. During that time, the two of them grew a bit closer, and eventually became a romantic couple. However, their relationship has a few faults, namely Felix's frequent tendency to keep to himself, keep many secrets, and tell many sly, half-truths (a trait that also gets on Steve Jinks's nerves). Garrett figures this is just part of who he is, or is some sort of defense mechanism if anything, but he is very troubled by the feeling he barely knows his own partner.
  • Graham Family: His parents and two sisters. TBA
  • Irene Frederic: Garrett sees Mrs. Frederic as a distant but caring grandmother-figure. Even after she resigned from her position as Caretaker and was succeeded by Claudia, he still refers to her as "Mrs. Frederic" (or, on rare occasions, "Mrs. F.").
  • Leena: Garrett is very sad he never got the chance to meet Leena, who everyone form both Univille and the Warehouse always praised for her endless kindness, helpfulness, and her ability to see when someone was in need of help (thanks to her aura-reading ability). Subconsciously or otherwise, Garrett's own behavior and empathy have given him a slight resemblance to her, which others have commented on.
  • Myka Bering: Garrett views Myka as a firm-but-fair mother-figure. She has given him combat training and language lessons.
  • Nick Renson: After learning of his true identity as Alexander the Great, Garrett had many questions. However, he never had the time nor the courage to ask them.
  • Oto Barry: The two had never met each other personally, and Garrett didn't even know of Oto's existence. He was the one who sent (TBA artifact).
  • Pete Lattimer: Garrett views Pete as a caring and lighthearted father-figure. He has given him driving lessons.
  • Steve Jinks: Garrett views Steve as a calm and experienced older-brother-figure. He has given him meditation and aim lessons.


  • Appropriate to his original (now non-canon) demise, the name Garrett has Germanic origins and means " brave with the spear", "rules by the spear", or " hard or bold spear."
    • Appropriate to his revised backstory, a "garret" is a habitable attic at the top of a residential building that is often cramped and dismal, considered the "least prestigious" position in a building.
  • "Graham" is a name of English origin that means "gray home" or "gravel home". In this sense, it is used to refer to Garrett's unloved childhood.
  • Garrett, as an agent, was two firsts. He was the youngest official agent in recorded Warehouse history, but was also the youngest agent to die while employed.
  • In terms of Yu-Gi-Oh!, he tends to rely on decks based around gimmicks, such as an Exodia deck focused on constant drawing and searching, or the fortune-telling theme of Arcana Force or Fortune Ladies. But, he does enjoy using a Madolche deck for both its ability to replenish itself and its incredible cuteness.
  • He is mostly an extremely kind, caring, and forgiving person, and tends to act as a mediator in arguments.
    • He has, as such, been dubbed the Warehouse's "morality pet".
  • His creator made a Soundtrack playlist for his character, viewable here.
  • His favorite Christmas song is "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  • He tries not to think about how his real body, technically, is buried in the Univille cemetery.
  • The first movie he watched with the Warehouse gang after being brought to Univille was Disney's Cinderella.
  • His birth family are as follows:
    • Zane Graham (Father)
      • His name is based on Zanelli, a bully from Kenji Miyazawa's Night on the Galactic Railroad, whose life the story's co-protagonist Campanella drowns in his effort to save.
    • Magnolia Graham (Mother)
    • Chloe & Tiffany Graham (Sisters)
      • His sisters' names are based on Clorinda and "isbe, the names given to the two wicked stepsisters in the Italian opera adaptation of Cendrillon, La Cenerentola, by Gioachino Rossini. Likewise, his mother's name is based on Don Magnifico, who takes the wicked stepmother's place in the opera.
        • In this version of the story, Cenerentola (Cinderella) is not identified by a pair of slippers, but instead a bracelet, of a matching pair she shares with the prince.
  • His hometown, Zephyrhills, takes its name from Zephyrus, the Greek god or personification of the gentle west wind. One of Kenji Miyazawa's works, Kaze no Matasaburo, is about a strange, foreign redheaded boy who moves into town and is thought by some to be a wind spirit. By the end of the story, the boy leaves town after a short period of time, as quickly as he appeared.
    • Coincidentally, Zephyrhills was the temporary home of Carl Tanzler, a doctor who developed a romantic obsession with a deceased patient of his, whom he later removed from her grave and kept in his house for several years.
  • His Shadow, as manifested through Carl Jung's Lamp, takes the form of a dragon. This is meant to symbolize his repressed rage and his desire to fiercely protect a 'hoard' (in this case, his found family). Dragons are also considered one of the archetypal antagonists of classical fairy tales and legends, keeping someone trapped and needing to be slain to rescue them and achieve a happy ending.
    • Further, the final artifact 'seen' encountered by the main case of the show was one that gave someone draconic features (scales and fire breath). In a way, Garrett can be interpreted as both a kind of bookend and a way of directly continuing the show from its finale, connecting it to the arcs and wider universe of the Artifact Database.



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