Gan Ning's Bells


Gan Ning




Inspires great loyalty or hatred in bystanders. Grants total control over the movement of projectiles.


Causes brief butintense moments of anger and violence.



Collected by

Warehouse 6







Date of Collection




Gan Ning was a pirate turned trusted general during the Han Dynasty. As a pirate, he instilled fear into his victims by wearing colorful outfits and bells to signal his murderous methods and flaunt his wealth. He first became a subordinate of royal administrator Huang Zu. However, Huang never respected Gan’s work in the years they worked together, even after Gan saved Huang’s life. Fellow general Su Fei wholeheartedly supported Gan’s talents, but was unable to convince Gan to stay. He instead decided to sell his services to rival lord Sun Quan, who quickly treated Gan as a valuable asset. With Gan’s knowledge of enemy held area and his own strategic skill, Sun’s armies decisively won battles at Jiangxia, Red Cliffs, Xiaoyoa Ford and Ruxu. In many battles, he and his troops performed amazing feats of archery to take down commanding generals.

Gan was well known for his immense likability with certain people. While working under Huang and especially Sun, his soldiers respected Gan for his motivation to fight alongside them and willingness to sacrifice himself for them. This extended to former friends, as he pleaded with Sun Quan to release Sui Fei as Gan was indebted to Sui for rescuing him from death.

On the other hand, Gan was also extremely disliked by others, including his first commander Huang Zu. Several lieutenants in Sun’s camp hated Gan for his preferred status by Sun or his violent actions towards fellow camp members for disobedience.


Causes people to express great respect and loyalty or disdain and hatred for the user. Their past affiliation with the user does not effect the stance they take after the artifact has been activated. The likelihood the user will experience a sudden but brief period of violence is high and they occur at randomly spaced intervals. The user will also be able to control the flight path of any projectile within visual or acoustic range, allowing it to reverse direction and perform complicated maneuvers.

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