Gaetano Bresci's Camera
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“I’m sure I was not wrong to do what I did. I do not even intend to appeal. I appeal only to the next proletarian revolution.”


Gaetano Bresci




Snapshots of pivotal moments


Taking a picture by a self-stylized revolutionary


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Origin[edit | edit source]

Gaetano Bresci wanted a good life for his fellow comrades – hard work to pay for decent living. While working at silk mills in Paterson, New Jersey to send home money to the old country, Bresci regularly attended anarchist meetings. Food riots were gripping villages and in response, King Umberto I ordered troops to fire on the Milanese crowds. Over 80 died and 450 were injured in the scuffle, while the leading general was applauded for his efforts.

Ticked off, Bresci packed up and returned home to commit some flagrant propaganda of the deed. Two months after his arrival, July 1900 saw the public shooting of Umberto. As capital punishment was recently disbanded, Bresci was imprisoned and became the first European-royal killer to survive. He was discovered strangled in his cell a year later.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Develops pictures of a critical moment that alters one’s life. Shows the place in sepia-toned ink and any bystanders if important to the event. Only shows the user from behind, indicating they cannot fully know the extent of what will occur in advance.

Whereabouts[edit | edit source]

Currently on display at the Museo Criminologico in Rome alongside his other belongings. Does not appear to activate unless near extreme and unwavering belief in overthrowing current rule, which has allowed it to stay for the time being.

Noted to have made a small splash in the 1960s. It appears to have been lifted as a basis for ‘’The Twilight Zone” episode ‘’ A Most Unusual Camera”.

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