Gabriel Voisin's Empennage
Biplane entente


Gabriel Voisin


Rear Aircraft Stabilizers


Makes any host aerodynamically capable, regardless of composition or shape


Will nosedive into ground when no longer in flight


Adhesion or attachment


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A pioneer in early aviation, Gabriel Voisin was one of the first Europeans to successfully launch heavier-than-air motor powered aircraft. Voisin worked closely with fellow aviators Ernest Archdeacon and Louis Blériot, respectively asking them for financial aid and design pointers. Several of his early test flights had the craft towed by automobile on the ground, one that resulted in him nearly drowning in a crash. Most collaborations with Blériot were less than successful, and Voisin decided to break their partnership to form a company with his brother Charles.

Operating as the first commercial airplane manufacturers, Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin controlled a successful kilometer flight that placed their name on a high pedestal with their contemporaries. After Charles passed, Gabriel shifted manufacturing towards military application for the First World War and later to luxury cars afterwards.


Allows any object it is attached to, no matter the size or weight constraints, to fly like an airplane. Although requiring some source of fuel to propel the craft, it will behave as if only mildly limited by the laws of aerodynamics. Running out of fuel is a serious dilemma however, as the object has a tendency to actively slam into the ground when no longer powered.

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