Friz Freleng's Animation Cels


Friz Freleng


Animation Cel


Traps the user inside of a cartoon world


The user will gradually be turned into a toon unless they get out immediately.


Touching the cels

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Comedy Aisle

Date of Collection

10/ 23/08


Origin Edit

Friz Freleng was one of the animators for Looney Tunes. He created a variety of background and animation cels for this popular cartoon series.

Effects Edit

When someone touches the cel, they will become trapped inside of a cartoon world, with various cartoon characters that will try to enact various shenanigans on visitors. The user will gradually transform into a cartoon character unless they exit the cartoon world immediately. The only way to exit the cartoon world is by a conveniently-placed door marked "Exit."

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