Freddie Mercury's Mustache and Tights
The artifact during creation event


Farrokh Bulsara A.K.A. Freddie Mercury


Mustache and Tights


Causes powerful charisma and sexual pull


Increases STD rates



Collected by

Warehouse 13



Date of Collection

March 4th, 1994


Origin[edit | edit source]

Born Furrokh Bulsara, Freddie Mercury changed his name to Freddie to better fit with his British classmates. He founded the band "Queen" in April of 1970 and changed his surname to Mercury. "Queen" went on to become one of, if not the most influential band in musical history, known for power ballads and Freddie's strong singing voice and vocal range. 

Freddie Mercury would eventually contract HIV/AIDS due to his promiscuous lifestyle, but would continue to perform until he died due to complications from the disease. He has since become a poster-boy for the HIV/AIDS awareness movement and is considered a pioneer in the LGBT community.

One of the bands most well known songs is "I Want to Break Free", in which Mercury appears in full drag as a suburban housewife, though still sporting his iconic mustache.

This artifact had been mentioned in a behind-the-scenes podcast by Eddie Mclintock, though it never appeared on the show. Though he specifies the tights as being striped, Freddie did not wear such tights on stage while having a mustache.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When the tights are worn, the wearer will grow a thick mustache. As long as the mustache is present along with the tights, the wearer will exude a strong charisma and sexual aura towards both sexes. People around them will feel inexplicably drawn to the wearer and become increasingly sexually attracted to them the longer they are exposed.

Affected individuals will find themselves enraptured with anything the wearer says or does, and the wearer will find the confidence in front of others greatly boosted. The downside to this is a highly increased chance of contracting any form of STD from partners. These can be transmitted despite any protection and tend to start out with more potent symptoms. All effects granted by the artifact fade over time, though any STDs may last for life.

This artifact is unique in that although the mustache is a product of the artifact, the effects will not work without it. If the mustache is shaved the effects stop, even if the tights are still worn. Likewise, if the tights are removed the mustache will remain, but will have no artifact properties. Because of this unique dynamic, the mustache is considered a part of the artifact as opposed to an effect.

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