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Fred Astaire (May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) occupied a huge swathe in cinematic history as a domineering staple of the musical. On stage and film, he tap danced and serenaded audiences with his deliberate choreography. Every single step in a number was laid out before the plot was finalized. Weeks of rehearsals in relative solitude was done to ensure the dance stood as its own story – flowing, complete. Each new set had the moves and lyrics refined to propel the story forwards instead of just looking glitzy.

Astaire opposed the typical Broadway style of flashy scenes with large chorus lines and rapid cuts between dancers. Instead, focus was on long cuts and close-up shots allowing the viewer to clearly follow the dancer, often Astaire himself. Yes, Astaire shared the duties of both lead actor and choreographer on the majority of roles. For his intensive discipline in dance mechanics, nearly every major dancer of the 20th century beyond regards him as legend.


Attuned to Astaire’s keen abilities to keep with the beat in his performances, no matter the style. Makes the performer more aware of the passage of time. A second can be stretched out to feel like an hour, granting greater awareness of their surroundings. Or count without hesitation how long it takes to repeat a pattern without fail. Leads to greater motor control over one’s body, and direct presence of mind for current matters. May bring forth frustration at others lack of planning, or their own shortcomings to manage themselves effectively. If it’s not perfect, it’s a redo.

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