Franz Stigler's Rosary


Franz Stigler




Gives its holder an overwhelming sense of moral righteousness, leading to acts of heroism towards enemies


Only works during wartime and in fighter planes


Being in fighter plane during war; holding/keeping on person

Collected by

Unknown Warehouse 13 Agent


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

March 2, 1947



Franz Stigler was a German fighter pilot during WWII. He fought in Africa, Italy, and Germany and was one of the few pilots to fly the jet fighters at the end of the war. He always kept his rosary with him; it was initially painted purple, but the years of wear revealed the black beads. He famously helped a severely damaged B-17 Flying Fortress make its way over the German lines to the sea; he was alone when he did this and no one found out what he did. He did not shoot at the plane because, according to him, it was not right to shoot down a plane if they can't fight back.


This artifact only activates during times of war and when the person is in a fighter plane. It gives the holder an overwhelming sense of moral righteousness about combat and rules of combat; this can lead to heroic acts towards enemy planes under certain conditions (i.e. target cannot fire back). This artifact is very passive overall, and it seems to be drawn towards people who have good morals.

Real World ConnectionEdit

The Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler Incident occurred on 20 December 1943, when, after a successful bomb run on Bremen, Charles 'Charlie' Brown's B-17 Flying Fortress (named "Ye Olde Pub") was severely damaged by German fighters. Luftwaffe pilot and ace Franz Stigler had an opportunity to shoot down the crippled bomber, but instead, for humanitarian reasons, decided to allow the crew to fly back to their airfield in England.

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