Franz Liszt’s Sheet Music


Franz Liszt


Sheet music stack


Causes fanboys to flock to those who play music


Fanboys will obsessively stalk the user.


Playing music from the sheets

Collected by

Warehouse 11 agents


Music Corner


Introduction Edit

This set of sheet music was owned by Franz Liszt. Once, he taught young women in Berlin, and suffice to say, Lisztomania happened. Frauleins would attack him, fight over broken piano strings, tear bits of his clothing and handkerchiefs to stow as souvenirs, and even kept his used cigar butts in their cleavage. When Liszt finally left Berlin, a procession was held to celebrate his departure. 

Effects Edit

If anyone plays music from these sheets on any instrument, people will flock to see the user and want to listen to the music. When played for too long, the fans will obsessively stalk people and fight over or steal anything that the user owns.

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