Frank Sinatra's "Songs for Swinging Lovers" Record
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50th Anniversary of Michael and Margaret Smith




Makes couples revert to the ages they were when they first met


Age reversal is permanent, even after the artifact is neutralized


When lovers dance to Frank Sinatra's song "You Make Me Feel So Young"

Collected by

James MacPherson



Date of Collection

October 30th, 1980



Frank Sinatra was a celebrated "crooner", a singer known for lounge music and love songs, and swing singer. Sinatra is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.


When the song "You Make Me Feel So Young" is played and a loving couple dances to it, they will grow younger until they have changed into the ages they were when they first met. The effect lingers even after the artifact has been neutralized.


Michael and Margaret Smith met each other in their early twenties. On October 22nd, 1980, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in their shared room at the senior citizen's home. They danced and played their favorite record, a collection of Frank Sinatra's greatest hits. While they danced they remembered the loving moments that they had shared over the years, and how their love for each other kept them going. Their love and nostalgia imprinted onto the record.

As they finished their dance the couple found that they had both been rejuvenated back to their twenties. After tracking the missing persons report, James McPherson found them hiding in a motel. In exchange for surrendering the record peacefully, Mrs. Frederick agreed to place them both into the witness relocation program so that they may live their new lives in peace. James thanked her, and commented on how underneath her exterior she was "a big softie". He spent the next three weeks on neutralizer-pipe unclogging duty.

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