Frank Clewer's Wool Sweater


Unknown, may be Clewer


Woolen Sweater


Generates and emits colossal amounts of static electricity





Collected by

Artie Nielson



Date of Collection



Orgins[edit | edit source]

On a cold September morning, Australian man Frank Clewer drove into town for a job inteview. As he entered reception, a sound like a firecracker went off. Dismissing it as a car backfiring, Clewer took a seat in the waiting area. Alarms soon went off when the carpet underneath him began to smoke and the fire department was called in. The source of the heat wasn't determined until Frank sat back down next to a plastic bin and it began to char.

Tests later determined that his combination of nylon and a wool sweater, in addition to the extraordinarily low humidity, had supercharged the sweater to upwards of 30,000 volts of static energy. The sweater repourtedly continued to discharge the static for several hours after it was removed.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The exact events surrounding the creation of the artifact are unknown, but the "scientific" explaination invented by the Regents seemed to placate most of the community.

When worn, the sweater resonates with be bodys natural bioelectricity to generate extreme amounts of static energy, exceding 40,000 volts at some times. The static has enough force to start fires and even power devices with no identifiable harm to the wearer. The sweater will continue to emit static if it is removed, slowly releasing it into the atmosphere as it dissipates.

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