Francis Weston's Cassone
Wedding chest


Francis Weston


Marriage Chest


Increases gaming ability and personal care aptitude


Redirects others punishments upon user


Ownership by an upper middle-class person with direct work relations to notable contemporaries


Out and About List



Poor, poor Francis Weston. He had the enviable position of being a page (royal attendant) in the court of Henry VIII. And he repeatedly beat Henry at games of tennis, bowling and dice, winning many pounds from the losing king. And he had the privileged duty of being Henry’s caretaker, ensuring his personal chambers and appearance were both squeaky clean.

So, what was so bad about a cushy life like that? Being accused of adultery with Anne Boleyn. Yep. Once arrested, Weston was accused of flirting with an engaged mistress and making loving remarks of the Queen. Admittedly, everybody in the royal grounds did such sweet-talking, but the King’s minister took all quotes literally without any context. (Thomas Cromwell would later formalize the divorce to Anne after Henry’s break with the Vatican). Alongside four other courtesans, Francis was arrested on charges of treason and adultery and executed alongside his cohorts.


Games of any type, from physical to luck-based, become easy for the user to triumph in. Results show they become even greater winners in the face of company. They also excel at personal grooming, wardrobe and healthcare of others.

Any famous figure they know who does something wrong will have their punishment transferred to the user. Confrontations describe attackers seeing them as the aggressor rather than a random associate. The specific activation criteria have prevented it going oogity-boogity except for one incident shortly after its creation. The chest is now kept on passive watch at the Saffron Walden Museum in Essex.

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