Francis Galton's Dog Whistle
Bird whistle


Franics Galton


Dog Whistle


Limited moments of epiphany from statistical observation


Genetic defibrillation



Collected by

D. Westrum







Date of Collection

May 3, 1879



Sir Francis Galton (16 February 1822 – 17 January 1911) was an esteemed scientific mind, with numerous interests in statistics, sociology and eugenics. The idea of correlation, that separate variables can be strongly or weakly linked together, originates from Galton. Another pattern he noticed was regression towards the mean, where extreme initial results were balanced out with later values closer to the average i.e. heights of children from tall or short parents. To test these theories, he collected data – from physical body measurements of fairgoers to the underlying interest of science in fellow researchers. Using questionnaires and data analysis led to greater emphasis on the data molding the theory.

After reading his cousin Darwin’s The Origin of Species, Galton began wondering why there was so much variation between people. Among his fascinations was human cognitive development. How much did a person’s upbringing affect their development versus those inherited from family? Theoretically, children matured into the people they were born to be rather than altered by their surroundings, according to twin studies he conducted. Several of his works concluded some ethnicities were naturally more talented than others and deserved greater resources. Many racially hateful developments sprouted from the kernel of eugenics in the 20th century, including forced sterilizations and extermination campaigns.


Users reported becoming more alert of their surroundings and the statistics of chance governing them. They start seeing if their immediate area and the people within are average, what they expect, or whether some sort of deviation is taking place. Singling out the expats based upon different cultural behavior is a common indicator of its tingling in the brain. Soon they notice which groups are close friends by how similar they interact with another. Picking up non-verbal cues soon becomes intuitive with every blow.

Disrupts the user’s genetic foundation. It doesn’t appear life threatening, most times not even noticeable. Recessive traits suddenly start becoming dominant even when there is no traceable lineage in one’s family. Anatomical proportions contort, immunity to different diseases appear and physical appearances change dramatically. Often occurs in concentrated bursts, with multiple shifts in rapid succession without user control.


Lifted by a child pickpocket from a scientific symposium and eventually sold to a Warehouse 12 agent under the guise of a wandering loon. Was stolen by Colin M. Moriarty during a Warehouse infiltration. The whistle was used alongside Christiaan Huygens' Pendulum, allowing Moriarty to become clearer minded and easily able to interpret the most likely course of upcoming events. Moriarty took hostages to bargain for re-entry. Unfortunately, his constant application of the whistle permanently imprinted on him, allowing Moriarty to quickly respond and launch strategies with greater knowledge than before. Caretaker Balcomb personally handled the showdown, and Moriarty was bronzed; the two artifacts have been separated for neutralization purposes.

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