François l'Olonnais Gemstone Ring
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François l'Olonnais


Gemstone Ring


Provides financial wealth


Causes body parts to fall off




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Origin[edit | edit source]

François l'Olonnais grew from indentured servant to self-serving buccaneer. He had an intense hatred for the Spanish and any of their settlements. Very early into his career, he shipwrecked in Mexico and Spanish soldiers killed his crew; he only survived by hiding among the dead. He later escaped capture and took the port Maracaibo hostage, looting the treasure fleet of gems, cocoa and coinage.

Known as the “Bane of the Spanish”, he horrifically tortured residents and soldiers alike to reveal the hiding spots of their gold. Some reported that his cruelty extended to partially cutting and eating his victims. Ironically, natives ate him after he shipwrecked himself.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Wearing the ring gives user a stable financial income. With every 260,000 dollars earned, the users body parts will fall off one by one.

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