Fox Sister's Séance Table
What if the only explanation for what you saw was unbelievable?


Fox Sisters


Séance Table


Poltergeist activity, user can view memories of those nearby


Causes wild and unpredictable poltergeist activity if the chairs and table are separated for too long


Two or more people sit in the chairs

Collected by

Artie Nielson







Date of Collection

September 29, 1989


Origin[edit | edit source]

The Fox sisters Leah, Margaret and Kate convinced their older sister they could communicate with the deceased and became important in spiritualism. Margaret confessed to have faked the whole spectacle and tried to recant a year later, but their reputation was ruined and they died within five years. Their confession did nothing to slow down the advent of Spiritualism.

Effects[edit | edit source]

A set of six chairs and a matching round mahogany dining table. When two or more people sit in the chairs, the artifact activates itself and binds the participators to it. Poltergeist activity begins to emanate from the table and during this time, those present can view the memories of someone close to them, alive or dead. There is no way to de-activate the table besides goo-ing, so the process must otherwise be left to conclude on its own, which can take almost an hour at times.

If the chairs are removed from the table for too long, they 'act up', producing wild and dangerous poltergeist activity until someone attempts to re-unite them.

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