Forbes Smiley’s X-Acto Knife


Forbes Smiley


Knife Blade


Absorbs writing and imagery from paper sources


Always points towards old texts for “collection”


Slicing across written/printed text

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

November 25, 2017



Forbes Smiley, as upper crust and erudite a New England name as they come. Hobby and profession – antique maps dealer. His expertise was so renowned, libraries opened their archives without hesitation to get an opinion or two. Maybe they should have thought longer.

In 2005, the worrying sight of a discarded X-Acto blade caught the attention of Yale security. Favored by many a skilled thief, librarians knew the foundation possessed no accurate record of their innumerable stacks of rare maps. A quick examination of visitor logs led back to Smiley, causally carrying around several sliced-out maps in his briefcase.

Smiley’s attempt to offset his growing debts instead resulted in several years in the slammer, and a $2.3 million reparation fine after relocating all but ten. (The maps were valued at $3 million). Confessing guilty to 97 thefts, news of Smiley’s schemes triggered panic across the academic community. Institutions suddenly realized their tomes had been pilfered right from under their noses by a respected figure and subsequently upgraded their security.


Drawing the point across paper will absorb all the written and pictorial information into the knife, leaving the original text empty. Slicing upon a blank sheet will expel the captured text out, replicating orientation and even damage in perfect detail. The amount of available space appears to be limitless, but a user can reference specific passages if they know the specific subject.

The blade itself will always face the direction of antiquated and historical documents for “collection”. Whenever the subject is of notable rarity or uniqueness, the blade will release a cloud of dust and remain dormant for the next several days. Unless something better comes along.

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