Flight 180's Rudder
Model 747


Final Destination


Plane Rudder


Death Forecasting


Self-Remodeling Prophecy


Context near the number 180

Collected by

Warehouse 13





Date of Collection

June 15, 2003



On May 13, 2000, Volée Airlines Flight 180 left the tarmac at JFK airport bound for Paris. The dream version of student Alex saw a premonition – an extended explosion that engulfs the plane and kills most of the passengers, including his classmates. But then he awoke, with memory of his nightmare. He stirred up enough trouble to get his cohorts kicked off. In this real-time instance, an electrical wire had shorted into the fuel line, detonating the plane immediately after takeoff.

Thus begins the opening to Final Destination, where death slowly reclaims its lost passengers one by one. Omens keep appearing as warnings, sometimes preventing tragedy and other times redirecting them. The plane scene itself used a life-sizable scale model mounted on gimbal to realistically change pitch


Grants premonitions of upcoming deaths. Usually people they personally know or large, unassociated groups in potential disasters. Many outcomes seem chock filled of coincidences and cartoonish, or depicting possible futures that run counter to established logical events of the present. Instead, the rudder often releases dramatically different versions to frighten the viewer into becoming overly cautious, and focus on the wrong signals. The moldy expired bread on the counter gets overlooked when a near fatal hit-and-run happens first. Whatever the user does to avoid that unreasonable death, a new one takes the place based on their new actions.

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