Fire Alarm


School Fire




When it detects a large group of people, it emits the ringing of the alarm bell from itself, and it can stick to any surface.


The ringing continues on until it is forced off the wall and returned to its normal position, and it causes people near by to easily panic.


Being around a group of five or more people

Collected by

Artie Nielsen


Tranquility Chamber





Date of Collection

October 6, 1999


Origin[edit | edit source]

This artifact was made when there was a fire at a school and the alarm was pulled. The people in the school were trying to get out when a couple of people started to force people to move faster, which in turn caused people to trip up over others before becoming a full blown "everyone try to get out first" event. A student was trampled in the process and put into a coma.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Artie snagged this artifact after students had pulled the alarm to get out of a test and people started to panic again, despite the fact that everyone was calm before the alarm went off. When he arrived at the school, which was five hours from the Warehouse, he noticed that the alarm should have been turned off. After realizing that noise was coming from the alarm, Artie removed it, though he found out that it could stick to other surfaces when he placed it on a desk in the warehouse. 

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