Dionysus-336[edit | edit source]

Founded during Warehouse 12, the Film & Theater Wing (known as the Dionysus Section in the Database) was designated to contain the artifacts that theater had produced. Recently, the section has been pulling in more and more artifacts that have appeared in films, and included in the Wing are also artifacts that have originated in the "performing arts" that aren't large enough to have their own sections.

The Honor Aisles include:

Artifacts in Storage[edit | edit source]

The Musical Aisle (Barras-2673)[edit | edit source]

This section houses artifacts born from musical theater, or was created from/relates to anything of singing or dancing. Artifacts in this subsection are protected by the Original Broadway Street Sign, which seems to want to preserve artifacts that line up with its origins of showy productions and musical storytelling.

The Theatre Aisle (Dionysus-336M)[edit | edit source]

Artifacts involving Theatre that are not musicals.

The Film Aisle (Hollywood-910F)[edit | edit source]

Artifacts involving movies.

Stunts Aisle (Acro-104G)[edit | edit source]

Artifacts from any public performance that could also be considered a stunt (ranging from acrobatics to wire walking).

Circus Aisle (Circus-871B)[edit | edit source]

Artifacts relating to the circus and mimes.

Ventriloquism Aisle (Ventrilo-313P)[edit | edit source]

Artifacts where puppets and things relating to ventriloquism are stored.

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