Fiery Sword
"The weapon of a god." - Agent Taylor


Exact unknown




Burns with holy fire


Burns the unrepentant


N/A; always active

Collected by

Warehouse 2







Date of Collection

~300 BCE


Origin[edit | edit source]

Several belief systems include a divine entity wielding a flaming sword. The Norse god Frey is one such entity, who gives it up for love before it eventually finds its way into the hands of Surtr. the cherub (or Archangel Uriel) who guards Eden is also regarded as using this weapon. Reports of its existance also appear in Sumerian mythology, Welsh mythology, and debatably Buddhism.

As such, determining which story is the true history of this blade is difficult.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The sword's blade is engulfed in flames at all times, though this fire doesn't burn whatever object it lies on.

The flames will severely burn those who commit evil acts and refuse to repent their actions.

Collection[edit | edit source]

While the story of its exact collection is unkown, it was first registered as collected by Warehouse 2. After retrieval of the ancient Warehouse's artifacts, it was placed in Origin Circle.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many stories involving the sword involves its original weilder giving it up out of compassion, before the blade finds its way into the hands of evil upon the end of the world. However, none mention what happens to the weapon in the interim.
    • As such, close attention is to be paid to the sword during inventory, and it is not to be removed from the Warehouse premesis.
  • A list of those said to weild the sword (as well as the names for it, if applicable) includes:
    • Frey or Loki, under the name Laevatienn. It is debated as to whether or not Loki's sword and Frey's are one and the same. Either way, the sword eventually finds its way into the hands of Surtr, who uses it to kill Frey.
    • One of Britian's 13 treasures, said to ignite into flames that wouldn't harm the wielder if drawn by a noble man. This sword bears the name Dyrnwyn "White Hilt", and was owned by Rhydderch Hael.
    • Multiple cherubim to prevent Adam and Eve (along with their descendants) from returning to Eden
    • Archangel Michael
    • Angel Jophiel/Zophiel, who guards the gates of Eden
    • Jesus Christ, during his battle against Satan at the End of the World (drawn from his mouth)
    • Archangel Uriel (described as BEING this for God).
    • The Sumerian deity Asaruludu
    • The dharmapala deity Acala may or may not use it.
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