Feraliminal Lycanthropizer


David Woodard


Hockey Puck


Causes victims to turn into a feral state.


Shuts down vital organs within one hour of constant use.



Collected by

A. Nielson and J. MacPherson


Herman-Russells 927





Date of Collection

June 15th, 1993


Origins Edit

The Feraliminal Lycanthropizer is a psychotechnographic machine invented by American writer David Woodard.

Woodard describes the machine as "a low frequency thanato-auric wave generator" that is "known for its use by the Nazis and for its animalizing effects on human subjects tested within measurable vibratory proximity". The machine creates violence and sexual desire, its essential function being "to trigger states of urgency and fearlessness and to disarmour the intimate charms of the violent child within."

Effects Edit

When activated, the Feraliminal Lycanthropizer outputs a chain of rhythmic waves that stimulate the brain and causes the victims being hit by its vibrations to regress to a animistic state, becoming extremely violent and will savagely rip to shreds anything surrounding them, including murdering people.

If left in its effects for too long, the victims will start to exhibit strange physical attributes including: growth of long canines, accelerated hair growth, growth of claws from their fingers, complete feral mindset and heightened senses.

Which last for exactly one hour before complete shut down of vital organs and death. Mainly due to overload of adrenaline and constant rhythmic thrust on the victims heart and organs.

Collection Edit

Collected by Arthur Nielson and James MacPherson on June 15th, 1993 in Garland, Texas.

If ever used with the Bioacoustical Amplifier, it will cause horrid mutations, mangling its victims to the point of non-recondition and death within five minutes.

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