Felix Mendelssohn’s Piano Hammer
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Felix Mendelssohn


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Origin[edit | edit source]

Considered to be a child prodigy at the age of seven, Felix Mendelssohn was slowly introduced into the world of classical music. He received great interest in Germany and especially Britain, befriending notable conductors and writers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, impressing them with his raw talent. Although on cordial terms with his musical associates, he loathed the adventurous melodies of Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner for a more conservative tone. He wrote symphonies, concerts, operas and overtures, but most famously all compositions of piano music.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Plays the frequencies objects vibrate at as musical melodies, with crescendos, allegros and tempo present. Striking once will produce a tone that sounds like the common held association with that object (ex. metals may sound like loud, deep rings or intricate branchings of notes). Repeating two or three times in quick succession will release noises that sound more abstract and experimental in style.

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