Fangs of Julunggul


Aboriginal Myths/Julunggul


Giant serpent fangs


Produces Iocane poison




Unknown process

Collected by

Location unknown but secure

Date of Collection




The myth of Julunggul stems from Australian Aboriginal mythology and tells of a giant Rainbow Serpent that was awoken by the smell of a womans mensturation. The serpent then ate the woman and her sister, though later regurgitated them. The actual authenticity of the myth is dubious, but it is known that crimson snake fangs of a large size can be found in the Outback. The little information the Warehouse has managed to gather indicates they are collected by a single tribe of Aboriginies, who have thier Mystic Woman use an unknown process to extract Iocane powder from them. The tribe has not been found, though as it seems they control the entire supply of fangs and are in no rush to share their secret with the world, the Regents have deemed the artifact "Contained" and no effort is to be made to locate them.

At some stage the tribe was discovered by "Princess Bride" author William Goldman, and he used the poison as a plot element in his book. Later, or perhaps before, Marie Guichon found the tribe and managed to steal a small amount of the poison.


The effects of the fangs themselves are unknown, though through an unknown process the poision Iocane can be extracted from them. Iocane is odourless, colorless and dissolves instantly in any liquid. It works by drawing itself to iron in the body, quickly breaking it down until there is none left. It can cause death in minutes, and in some cases even seconds. There is no cure, though purging the poison from the body before death occurs has proven effective.

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