Family Double Dare Trophy


Family Double Dare Tournament of Champions/Granite Toast




Ensures that a TV series will have season following the one it was activated on.


Occasionally oozes 'gak' that Double Dare was known for; must be in proximity during all of the shooting.


Proximity to a show being filmed

Collected by

Consultant Sarah Geller







Date of Collection

June 1, 2014


1992: Family Double Dare Studio (Origin)[edit | edit source]

After an amazing season on Family Double Dare, the show did something unique: they did an hour-long where they brought back the families that not only answered the most questions, but the families that did the obstacle course in the shortest amount of time. After the first rounds, the smartest and the fastest faced off for the ability to win a new car. That first tournament imbued the trophy with the popularity that the show had that carried it into the next iteration, Double Dare 2000.

Today: Double Dare Remake(Collection)[edit | edit source]

Sarah Michelle Geller got back in contact with the HARP Consultants when she heard that Double Dare was getting a remake. Despite the fact that it had failed at several reboots prior, this one was going on without a hitch, causing Geller to want to take a look into it, requesting some help in the form of distraction. The HARP agents entered as 'History Mysteries'. The HARP agents went on and managed to get every question thrown their way and aced every physical challenge.

After winning the Slopstacle Course, the consultants found out that Geller had found the trophy right off the bat, allowing her to kick back and enjoy the show...and the agents getting messy.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This trophy, when in the proximity of a television series set and present during the remainder of the filming for the season, will ensure that there is a season following the one it is presently on, regardless of the present success of the series. On occasion, the artifact will ooze "gak" out of the top, a reminder of its origin.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The artifact's proximity seems to cause things to go right on the series it is on. Not everything will go perfectly, but things go well enough that they are able to be renewed.
  • It is unclear precisely how long this effect could last if left alone.
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