Fall of Saigon Metal Staircase


Fall of Saigon


Metal Staircase


Lets user view the Fall of Saigon as only a viewer


Person will physically be stranded in the past if they don't reach an American helicopter


Reaching the top step

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

July 21, 1994


Origin[edit | edit source]

The end of the Vietnam War was marked by the capture of South Vietnamese capital Saigon by the People's Army of Vietnam and the Việt Cộng. Within days of entering, North Vietnamese troops had occupied the important points of the city and raised their flag over the South Vietnamese presidential palace. Leading up to the moment of surrender, American forces were evacuating military personnel along with thousands of South Vietnamese civilians by constant helicopter pick-ups, known formally as Operation Frequent Wind.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When someone reaches the top of the staircase, they're transported to the city during the Vietnam War. Anyone there cannot interact with those in the past, only view. They have to get on one of the leaving American choppers if they are to return back to their time and home. If they miss the last helicopter, they become real and stranded in the past.

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