F.A.O Schwarz's Toy Box
Trunk toy box


F.A.O Schwarz


Toy Box


Can store any object


The object must fit through the opening



Collected by

Agent Brady Brown



Date of Collection



This toy box was once owned by Frederick August Otto Schwarz, founder of the oldest toy store, FAO Schwarz. The toy box has a Mary Poppin's Bag effect, being almost bottomless. The box is 5ft long, 1ft tall, and 1ft wide. Objects put into it must fit the 5ft by 1ft lid.


Frederick August Otto Schwarz (October 18, 1836 – May 17, 1911) was a toy retailer who started FAO Schwarz.

He was born in 1836 at Herford, Westphalia, Germany, and immigrated in 1856 with his three brothers: Henry, Richard, and Gustav. He worked for a Baltimore stationery importer. German exporters sometimes packed toys and other items in with the stationery in the hope of expanding their exports. Schwarz put the toys in the store window, and they outsold the stationery. By 1862 he had switched to selling the toys from his own shop, and in 1870 he moved his business to Manhattan. He married Caroline Clausen (1841-?). Together they had three sons and three daughters: Anna Schwarz (1863-?); Ida Schwarz (1865-?); Henry Schwarz (1867-?); Frederick Schwarz (1868-?); Emilie Schwarz (1870-?); and H. Marshall Schwarz. Frederick August Otto Schwarz died on May 17, 1911. Schwarz is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. Frederick August Otto Schwarz, Jr. is his great grandson.


While at a flea market, Agent Brady Brown was just wandering, buying some random objects, some Artifacts, one being this toy box

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