Extract of Male Angler Fish


Global Dynamics Marine Biology Department/ Laura Maconnel


Pheremonic Serum

Intended Effect

Male-attracting pheremone


Causes males to fuse to females and regress biologically


Contact with female then physical interaction with male

Collected by

Artie Nielsen

Date of Incident

May 12th, 2005

Date of Collection

May 15th, 2005



The angler fish is probably best known for its unusual reproduction method in which the male, several degrees smaller than the female, attatches itself and eventaully fuses to the female body, existing only as a set of reproductive organs to be used at the female's leisure.


The artifact only affects females who are not pregnant. When they wear the extract, all males who smell it are attracted to her. Once finding her, they will proceed to bite/kiss her all over. Eventually, however, the male merges into the female until all that remains is his testicles, which the female can use to impregnate herself, though the exact method is unclear. The female can have several testicles all over her, and each time she impregnates herself, one of the pairs disappears.

Incident ReportEdit

Warehouse Case File# 872636432

This object is from Eureka, where they attempted to create something to draw males to females. Lead by Laura Maconnel, they made little progress over the course of four months. After several failed attempts, this extract was obtained and modified using several other ingredients. However, the results were...unexpected. While the Extract, when used by females, did attract males to them, it eventually lead to the males becoming merged to the females. Several females, including Maconnel, who helped test the perfume created from the extract solution were affected, though they noted that one of the scientists working with them who was pregnant at the time was unaffected by the extract. It took several days to come up with a solution, which unfortunately ended up resulting in one male loss into the first test subject named Linda {REDACTED}. The effects, once completed, are unable to be reversed.

Arthur Neilsen was sent to Eureka to collect the object for the Warehouse. After trying to place it in the Valentine Aisle, the aisle began experiencing several artifact disturbances, almost as if they were trying to move away from the strange object. After seeing this and being sent by Mrs. Fredric to Eureka to gather another failed experiment, Artie created an area of the Warehouse now termed "The Eureka Vault". All of the experiments that failed in Eureka that were sent to the Warehouse for safekeeping were moved into here. Since its creation, the area has expanded greatly.


  • Pregnant women are not affected by the Extract.
  • The effects become permanent once the male is fully merged with the female user.
    • The testicles remain on the female until she decides to use them to impregnate herself, after which they seem to disappear permanently.
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