Euripides’ Mechane
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Stage Crane


Physical manifestations of deus ex machina


Overpowering nuance leading to dissonance and loss of identity


Intensive creativity or yearn for storytelling while suffering a problem

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Warehouse 11





Date of Collection

January 28, 1736


Origin[edit | edit source]

Euripides (480 – 406 BC) is considered one of the classical founders of the Greek tragedy alongside Aeschylus and Sophocles. Greater than 20% of his plays have survived to the present day, including 18 complete texts. Some of his favorite techniques included irony to foreshadow ultimate tragedy, tidbits of comedic relief and a whopping case of gods arriving literally without any prompt in the story to solve (or cause) the problem.

His characters displayed their inner conflict and faults as often as the regular audience member, compared to the infallible godheads most contemporary writers created. Many were a critique of social ills such as poverty, pride and loss. In the majority of his scripts, people of minority backgrounds have starring roles. Slaves, women, children, beggars all had a voice to address aloud problems the nobility never dealt with or suppressed from view. Many poked holes at the institutions of law, god, and love and the turmoil they can bring.

  • Medea murdering her children is the ultimate release of love turned resentment for Jason abandoning her.
  • Grief -stricken Hecuba enters a vengeful warpath after the killings of her children.
  • Both Orestes and The Bacchae examine whether there is a need for obeying the oftentimes immature deities and religious worship as a whole.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The creative storyteller types can suddenly will random events into action to help them alleviate of any problem. Two conditions though: the actual interference is never within their control, and it doesn’t guarantee solving the issue after the surprise blips back out. A literal tsunami can appear in the midst of a forest, or an 8-year old’s inkling of Venusian invaders, even summon a talking lynx named Rochambeau to preside over your grievances in accordance to Parliamentary law. Most appearances are completely boggling and unpredictable in extreme.

Leads user to follow deeper introspection to discover new facets of their being. This would normally allow for better understanding of other’s viewpoints and changing opinions in similar artifacts. This one doesn’t. Instead, it places so many different layers into a person, their entire personality becomes a contradiction soup. Supporting both abortion and pro-rights without concessions to either side happens and makes the victim more confused, more volatile. So many preferences in one package causes dissociation from all their past viewpoints and becoming a nameless drifter without any emotions, burned out.

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