Eufemio Zapata's Cup
Clay cup


Eufemio Zapata




User can expel physical impurities and behavioral deficiencies


Contact with produced waste worsens symptoms


Drinking alcohol, then heavily breathing outwards

Collected by

Warehouse 13



Date of Collection

May 27, 2019



Older brother of Mexican Revolution leader Emiliano Zapata, Eufemio became particularly close to him after their parents deaths and fondness for mischief. Eufemio wholeheartedly supported his brother’s cause for independence, acting as an able recruiter and commander, even introducing Emiliano to Pancho Villa. However, the movement gradually lost steam and appeal in later years, and Eufemio’s habitual drinking worsened. It got so bad he senselessly beat the father of fellow commander Sidronio Camacho In a drunken stupor. Camacho shot him in the abdomen, threw him upon an anthill to die and fled to join Zapata’s enemies.


Drinking any alcoholic beverage will allow the user’s body to collect all noxious agents, such as additive substances, heavy metal exposure, and poisons. They are compressed to miniscule size, attracted to lungs and are expelled out through breathing. It can even expunge bad compulsions, fears and social inadequacies, although constant drinking is required to maintain stability. Physically weaker or heavily affected subjects will produce a dense vapor, while those with lesser needs can blow out bubbles of grime and filth. It is advised not to directly touch the resulting waste, as it will reintroduce the conditions at a more potent level.

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