Ettore Fieramosca's Battle Axe
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Ettore Fieramosca




Increased luck; Fortitude against the number 13






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Origin[edit | edit source]

Ettore Fieramosca was a 15th-16th century Italian nobleman and leader of the professional military mercenaries. On February 13th, 1503, at a banquet attended by both French and Italian knights, the French Charles de Torgues (also known as Monsieur Guy de la Motte) questioned the valor and courage of Italian soldiers, inciting an argument. To solve the question, la Motte challenged the Italians with special rules to determine whether their enemies could stand up to their own valor.

The challenge consisted in a mounted tourney between 13 Italians (the most famous being Fieramosca), who were part of the Spanish army based in Barletta, and 13 French knights who were based in Canosa di Puglia. The number of 13 knights was set by the French la Motte, who believed that that would give to the Italians an opportunity to refuse the challenge because of the superstition associated with the number 13. The winners would receive as a bounty the weapons and the horses of the other army who had also to pay a ransom of 100 ducats for each knight (gold value in 100 ducats is about US $15,000 in early 2018). Moreover, each army had to provide two hostages as a collateral. Fieramosca as captain of the Italian team won the tournament and was paid the proper ransom by the French.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Even when not wielded, this axe has the passive ability to prevail against anything associated with the number 13 and provides its wielder with a boost in good luck. As such, it has evaded snagging by the Warehouse for quite some time, and it is unknown if it can or will ever be collected before the creation of Warehouse 14.

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