Ethel Granger's Corset


Ethel Granger




Shrinks the user's waist over time down to 13 inches


Effects can become permanent and causes a permanent desire to wear corsets and tight lace to get a smaller waist.



Collected by

Claudia Donovan and Steve Jinks


The Clothing Rack

Date of Collection

May 12, 2013


History[edit | edit source]

Ethel Granger held the record for the smallest waist of 13 inches in the Guinness Book of World Records until 1998, when they changed the name of the category to "Woman alive with the smallest waist". Little is known about her, but it is known that she has worn corsets for most of her life, and that her original waist size was 23 inches.

Ethel Ganger, with a waist size of 13 inches

Nerina Orton, with a waist size of 15 inches, currently has the skinniest waist of any woman alive

Properties[edit | edit source]

The Corset activates as soon as it is put on. The artifact begins to shrink the user's waist, slowly shrinking the waist down to 13 inches. The wearer becomes addicted to wearing corsets and tightlacing to maintain and obtain their thin waist. If the artifact manages to shrink the waist down to 13 inches, the effects become permanent and the waist will never regain its original size. The desire to have a thin waist, however, is a permanent effects.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The artifact was found in the possession of Nerina Orton in 2013, who was trying to achieve the truly thin waist that Ethel Granger had. Claudia Donovan and Steve Jinks took the artifact from her possession before the waist change became permanent, though they discovered the effects of wearing corsets and tightlacing were permanent. It now resides in the Clothing Rack.

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