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August 27, 1993



Eskimo is not the right name; Inuit are the native peoples of the Arctic tundra regions of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. Predating their existence were stories of the Thule ancestors, who uprooted the pre-existing Dorset culture. The unrelated Dorset were recounted as softie giants who dwindled away during the thaw of the Medieval Warm Period. On the other hand, the Thule are regarded as direct ancestors who pioneered many facets of low-temp life. Kayaks, sled dogs (huskies!) and whalebone abodes are commonly attributed to them.

Most individuals were highly refined to survival in subzero cold, months of foreboding darkness, snow squalls and lack of food. Agriculture and livestock are near impossible to raise in the conditions, so most subsisted on a diet 90% composed of meat. The high protein and fat intakes, along with whatever plants they could forage in summertime, sustains them alone. Sea mammals such as baleen whales were of particular value to the community, as the sheer size could sustain their needs for an entire year. Other game included seals, birds, bears, fish and oxen.

Sitting alongside ice holes waiting for food while the mystical aurora danced across the skies led to many beliefs in spirits controlling the world. Belief that all creatures and objects have souls reminded hunters to always respect the land. Failing to do so would incline a spirit to sabotage the group, throwing everybody’s safety in peril. A angakkuq or shaman would commonly advise how to appease the deities with daily devotion, sparing their already tenuous existence.


Adapts the body to environmental stressors by enhancing them with features of other creatures. In a subarctic clime, thick fur or blubber reserves will self-generate to retain heat. For mountainous areas, hooves and wings sprout to make traversing unstable terrain manageable.

The user must be a devoted practitioner of their belief system, performing ceremonies or maintaining honor to certain tenets on a daily basis. Each transformation racks up a high nutrient deficient. An overwhelming need for meat takes hold, as their body begins processing it better than plant matter or artificial goods. Unprocessed raw is even better.

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