Erwin Rommel's Trenchcoat
"Sweat saves blood."
Erwin Rommel


Erwin Rommel




Tracking Evasion, Enhanced Durability


Erratic and Contradictory Behavior



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Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

December 7, 2006



Erwin Rommel was a twentieth century German Army officer known as the “Desert Fox”. A decorated officer in both the first and second world wars, he had a reputation for attacking the enemy from unexpected directions and before they could regroup, a tactic that generally worked on smaller and less organized enemies. He would also evade or attack them at unusual times, such as during sandstorms and nighttime. This led him to distinction in World War I on the Italian Front while fighting in the trenches. The interwar period saw him befriend rising politician Adolf Hitler, who personally promoted him to general when the Second World War broke out. Rommel was first sent with his Panzer divisions to invade France, but was later redirected to North Africa, taking over many cities on his campaign. However, several losses reversed his fortune and Rommel went on the defensive, returning to Europe to inspect the western coast of France in preparation for D-Day.

His rise to power was due to the heavy emphasis placed on him with propaganda. He represented a clean soldier only marred by association with previous corrupt leaders, an image he supported to gain trust with the German people. Many scholars now debate in what capacity, if any, that Rommel was involved in the assassination attempt of Hitler. Suspecting his involvement, Hitler convinced Rommel to commit suicide with the guarantee of protection for his family.

Besides the myth of his of his commander-victim relationship with the Third Reich, there were also notable aspects about his morality. Namely, he would defy orders to target certain ethnic groups during the war or treat prisoners harshly. This compassion led to respect from opposing generals, although Rommel may not have been always noble. Under his command, he reportedly did not cooperate well with Italian and German troops, constantly ignoring their orders. Surrendering soldiers were killed under his division during WWI and the legitimacy of his stance against ethnic cleansing has not been completely confirmed.


Wearing the trenchcoat allows the user to move incredibly fast and increases their durability. They can suddenly appear and disappear into any dense obstruction, such as a forest, station or even busy street. Even running quickly will make the user appear hard to track when in an open space. They also become more resistant to environmental factors such as heat, wind and disease. However, the user’s normal behavior will start to decline. They become more erratic and impulsive when dealing with people, often acting overly controlling or ignoring their suggestions. It is not uncommon for one’s enemies to suddenly respect them and their compatriots to loathe them by the sheer irregularity of their behavior.

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