Ernest Hemingway's Typewriter


Ernest Hemingway




When a person uses this artifact or is in proximity of it for a period of time they are compelled to use it to write brilliant fiction.


Over time they become frequently frustrated and begin drinking heavily as they try harder to write. In due time the person becomes an alcoholic and cannot write anymore, leading to them attempting a shotgun suicide.


Must use it or be within a certain distance of it for a period of time

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

July 22, 1961



This was the typewriter that Hemingway utilized in his last few years as a writer. The typewriter itself was known to of been in Hemingway's position until his death.


Days after Hemingway's passing, the Warehouse checked out Hemingway's places of residence, as they believed that a man like Hemingway could have created an artifact at some point in his life. It didn't take them long to discover the typewriter's effects. Before they could grab it, a civilian came under the effects of the device and refused to let it out of their sight, so the agents hung back and watched. They noticed that the person started to write exceptionally well, but soon enough started to drink (learning later that the person did not like to drink) to the point of total inebriation. After a few days they observed the person finish writing a short story, only to continue on, yet at a slower pace. More days passed on by, to the point where the user was so frustrated, upset and drunk, they decided to end themselves. Luckily the agents were able to apprehend the typewriter and stop the whamied civilian from taking their own life.

Agents have noted that this artifact will begin typing by itself when neared.

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