Ernest Emerson’s Bailsong Knife
Bailsong knife emerson


Ernest Emerson


Bailsong Knife


Captures and catalogues any nearby blade into itself. Knives will create puncture marks within the wrist’s range of motion.


Each contact takes some of the user’s finances or possessions.


Flicking the wrist; use in combat

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

March 29, 2013



Ernest Emerson is a custom knifemaker and martial artist famous for his signature quality collection of knives. He first began making them because he was unable to afford one needed for his martial arts class. The craftsmanship of the blade and quality of the materials led to his knives becoming synonymous with quality. Operating out of his garage for a good portion of his career, he achieved even greater levels of recognition with the release of the tactical knife. This model became the unofficial top choice for the Navy SEALS, while NASA contracted him to create a knife exclusively for use in space. His knives have been featured in many movies, television series and novels, increasing their popularity with collectors. When not involved with his knife company, Emerson teaches a proactive combative system he created to police officers, military units and civilians.


When held up close to any other model of knife, the bailsong will absorb an imprint of each make. It stores the template within itself and modifies the existing knife’s arrangement to match the desired one. To switch to a particular type, the user must know either its model type or appearance and flick their wrist while holding the knife. A sharp metallic swish can be heard whenever the knife changes.

In addition, the knife possesses a secondary effect reserved specifically for active combat. The sharpness and strength of the blade’s tip will be replicated whenever the user stabs, slashes, cuts or blocks. The point will copy itself and appear in a circular fashion centered around the knife, covering an area as large as the user’s range of motion. Simplistically, the knife makes momentary clones of its point, which all strike a target at once. This allows the user to aim offside a target and still manage to mark it.

Each time contact is made, some of the user's finances or possessions will be taken as financial compensation. The value always hovers around the amount of damage caused to the target, always estimating upwards.

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