Emu War Wind Chime


Emu War of 1932


Wind Chime


Increases IQ and bestows military tactics on aviforms




Proximity to avian life

Collected by

Myka Bering and Megan Wilcoxon



Date of Collection

September 20th, 2015



In the summer of 1932, unprecedented droughts forced thousands of emu into the rural ares of Australia's farmlands. Due to the current economical depression, the loss of food to the birds prompted a response from the local military, who decided to eradicate the pest problem. The first attempt was cancelled due to unexpected rain, and the second attempt was a complete disaster. Due to natural speed and thick plumage, very few shots of machine gun fire hit their targets and the attempt was called off as the Emu scattered. 

The first deployment of vehicle mounted turrets was also cancelled after an emu got caught under the wheels of the truck, causing it to crash. The next day officers noted that the emus had began to employ sentries. Larger emus would stand guard an alert the others to flee when human were spotted. The war lasted only a few more days before it was officially called off by parliament, who declared the emus as the undisputed victors. 

By the end, the only casualties were 12 emus from over 10,000 rounds fired (and one truck) and the general dignity of all involved.


This collection of bullet casings and emu feathers was gathered by a local farmer and fashioned into a rather attractive wind chime. When in proximity to avian life-forms, it greatly increases their general IQ and tactical prowess. Military formations, advanced attack patterns and defensive strategies become part of their repertoire.


Somehow making it's way into New Zealand, perhaps by an immigrating family, the wind chime fell into the talons of a flock of Kea, who proceeded to wage a war against the small mountain town of Arthur's Pass. It was eventually collected after much hardship by Myka and Megan, Felix having stubbornly refused to go near the savage parrots.

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