Emperor Taizu of Song’s Cuju Goals


Emperor Taizu (Zhao Kuangyin) of Song


Field Goals


Mass Coordination and Perspective Oscillation


Lethal Sibling Jealousy


Kicking something into a goal


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Origin[edit | edit source]

A highly regarded general of the Later Zhou dynasty in the tenth century, Emperor Taizu instigated a coup d'état that resulted in his crowning as the first Song emperor. Under his tutelage, the Taizu united most of the provinces into one nation, restricting the power the military maintained over the people. He convinced each of his leading generals to retire to a wealthy estate to maintain balance in the government, stabilizing internal peace during his reign. Another era of cultural and scientific flourishing was founded and usage of the imperial examination system to install officials skyrocketed.

Taizu ruled for 17 years and was strangely succeeded by his younger brother Taizong, even though they had two older brothers. Many accounts suggest either their mother was scheming to control the throne or Taizong killed Taizu for power.

Cuju was a precursor to modern day football (soccer) which morphed from military exercise to group sport. Two types of goal formats have existed, the pair of posts and the singular post.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Kicking a ball or similarly used object into the goal will allows the user to coordinate military situations with grace. The pair allows the user to successfully pull off large-scale acts of coercion, such as forced fealty or bandwagon activism. The singular goal gives user perspective insight, allowing them to see an issue many different ways. After considering all their options, they will be able to sort through the mess of opinions to arrive at the solution that benefits all. However, the user’s siblings are liable to become jealous of the user’s fortunate life and attempt to kill them.

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