Emperor Sutoku's Sutras
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Emperor Sutoku


Buddhist Sutras


Causes the owner's family to be brought to the brink of poverty


May cause death from the lack of food and healthcare



Collected by

Agent Lord High Substitute



Date of Collection




Due to the sutras being shredded, its pieces are kept in a locked ornate wooden box.


Emperor Sutoku was a Japanese Emperor from 1123-1142, a time of much political intrigue in Japan. At the age of 5, his grandfather Emperor Shirakawa forced his son Emperor Toba to abdicate and made Sutoku a puppet Emperor while his grandfather pulled the strings behind the scenes. 15 years later Shirakawa died and Toba used his seniority to force Sutoku to take Toba's Son Konoe as his adoptive son. Soon, Toba made Sutoku sign a document saying Konoe was actually his brother, and with that and Toba's seniority, Sutoku was forced to abdicate and  was exiled to a monastery where he lived as a monk. A few years passed and Sutoku made five copies of Buddhist sutras and sent them to Konoe as a sign of goodwill. Konoe refused the gifts, thinking were cursed, and sent them back in shreds. Sutoku was furious when he saw his sutras in shreds, and he cursed the Imperial Family promising he would haunt them for eternity and make them fall to the level as peasants.


These sutras absorbed his hatred and embodied the curse, making anyone that owns them to start losing their power and wealth. The curse would only end if the person in the family who bought, found or stole the sutra died.


The sutras were collected by the Warehouse and are stored safely in the Money Aisle, allowing agents to be unaffected by the artifact.

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