Elyesa Bazna's Counterfeit Banknotes
Operation bernhard notes


Elyesa Bazna




Enacts future plans of enemies


Can only show events they have no prior knowledge of


Ownership during secretive activities

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

May 3, 2017



Elyesa Bazna (28 July 1904 – 21 December 1970), codename: Cicero. Turkey was officially neutral during WWII but traded with both the Axis and Allied powers, becoming a spying hub for both sides. As an operative of Nazi Germany, Bazna’s positions in foreign consulates gave him access to confidential documents. The meeting date of the Tehran summit was used in an aborted attempt to assassinate Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt in Operation Long Jump. Other reports discussed maintaining Allied airfields in Turkey until the invasion at Normandy successfully pierced the west. That tidbit failed to reach command.

In ’43, the British realized an information leak was coming from their embassy. Both a sting operation and planted spy failed to identify the Cicero persona. A new alarm on the safe however worked; Bazna quickly stopped selling information and left. Identified after the war, Bazna tried to use £300,000 paid to him to open a hotel. Every bill was a fake, made by concentration camp prisoners in a ploy to destabilize the British economy. Bazna received a brief prison sentence and returned to doing whatever odd jobs he could find.


All the notes will flutter about and rearrange themselves to put on a little play for the user. They demonstrate what plans their known enemies have brewing: takeovers, unprotected meetings, even the dates of important events. Each demonstration happens once and is not guaranteed to be cancelled or postponed, only that it is planned to happen.

Never gets the location right though, always unable to accurately tell where the depicted events will occur. Most times the drama unfolded is random and completely new to the user. They normally have no idea what they’re watching and will be unable to act without further supportive investigation.

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