Elmer Ellsworth’s Kepi


Elmer Ellsworth


Flat-Topped Cap


Disciplines large groups of people into coordination


Commander becomes brash and may make foolish decisions



Collected by

Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

June 23, 1970



Elmer Ellsworth’s claim to fame is being the first person, Union soldier or otherwise, killed during the American Civil War. Ellsworth functioned as a drill sergeant and based many of his drills off the Zouaves, French infantry in North Africa reputed for their fighting efficiency. A personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, Ellsworth recruited the 11th New York Regiment through volunteer firefighters, better known as the “Fire Zouaves”.

Ellsworth was stationed in the capital when he spied a Confederate flag flying in defiance across the river in Alexandria. His platoon of men charged across the Potomac and seized most of the town’s critical infrastructure, preparing to remove the flag from a local inn. However, the owner, a hard-strung secessionist, realized what Ellsworth was doing and shot him point blank with a shotgun round. Upon hearing the news, Lincoln ordered his friend’s body to be honored in the White House and became a rallying point for many Union regiments.


Speaking and directing specific hand gestures in a confident or persuasive manner will cause large audiences to cooperate together for a specific issue. Any personal squabbles will become moot while all indecisiveness will be ironed out for determined rigor. Although the new group will perform appropriately to achieve results, the appointed commander may misjudge the situation at hand and suffer personal harm from their actions.

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