Elizabeth Godfrey’s Trade Card
Elizabeth Godfrey Trade card.jpg


Elizabeth Godfrey


Trade Card


Transforms cheap objects into fancy, high quality versions


Does not work correctly on large objects


Placing on top of an object

Collected by

Warehouse 11







Date of Collection

June 1785


Origin[edit | edit source]

Elizabeth Godfrey (active c. 1720–1758) was an English gold- and silversmith. She has been called "the most outstanding woman goldsmith of her generation." The daughter of Simon Pantin, a renowned silversmith himself, Godfrey was born in London and is believed to have been trained in her father's workshop. Little is known of her career, although she appears to have been successful and to have done a fair amount of work. Her works were known for their high quality and sophisticated style. Godfrey described herself on trade cards as "Goldsmith, Silversmith, and Jeweller, [who] makes and sells all sorts of plates, jewels, and watches, in the newest taste at the most reasonable rates." Her patrons included a number of nobles and their families, most notably the Duke of Cumberland.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Will turn any object of cheap quality into an intricate and expensive version of itself. It cannot fully affect larger objects, such as cars and some appliances, so only parts of them will be transformed.

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