Elisha's Mantle






Passes the essence of a father figure into the user, amplifying power to provide healing and even resurrection abilities.


Impactful change with abilities will cause sudden death.



Collected by

Warehouse 6







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Origin[edit | edit source]

According to the Bible, Elisha first appeared in the Book of Kings as the son of a wealthy landowner. The prophet Elijah encountered Elisha and adopted him as his son, signifying the acceptance by throwing his mantle over the young boy. They worked closely together for the king until Elijah was chosen to be brought to Heaven alive, being taken up in a whirlwind.

Before Elijah was taken up into the whirlwind, Elisha asked to "inherit a double-portion" of Elijah's spirit, possibly referring to inheritance rights or the amount of miracles Elisha could perform. He wasted no time working wonders, rewarding the rich woman of Shumen’s hospitality by resurrecting her child. He turned poisonous plants into nutritious foods, cured a military commander of leprosy, correctly predicted sudden upturns in fortune, unmasking traitors and performing impossible physical feats. After foreseeing and witnessing several victories by his grandson Jehoash, Elisha died, hearing the same words he uttered when Elijah departed. As one last miracle, Elisha’s corpse touched a dead man and returned him to life.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Wearing it allows the user to absorb the personality, preferences and skills of their father or closest stand-in figure. This works regardless of the user’s gender and the elder’s current health conditions, even if the father is already deceased. Although they will have sporadic hints of their father’s memories, most are not intelligible and no known physical characteristics are known to pass on. For note, the user’s father does not control or truly become one with the host’s body. They are merely the equivalent of a displaced ether within a compatible vessel, as the father still simultaneously retains all their essence within their own body.

The user may unknowingly slip in-between the two identities without any trigger or understanding of what is happening. If they manage to specifically recognize what is happening, the two personalities types will reach reconciliation and the user will become stronger. By sheer command alone, they can commit seemingly impossible acts such as immediate foresight, transmogrification, healing abilities and even resurrection, albeit on an individual basis. Using any ability for long periods, large jobs or consecutive tasks can quickly drain the user of energy and make them unable to move until they become stronger. When the user fulfills something they consider a momentous and impactful change to someone else’s life, the user’s bodily functions will immediately cease and they will die within seconds.

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