Eliphas Levi's Pentagram
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"A small square piece of black satin, embroidered with a gold pentagram."


Eliphas Levi


Embroidered Pentagram


Astral Projection and Mind Melding abilities


Body is functionally dead during use. Can only be de-activated willingly by user.


Placing palm on pentagram

Collected by

Agent Felix Draco


Felix Draco's Workshop



Eliphas Levi was a French occultist, ceremonial magician and author that lived in the 1800's. He was first to define the meanings of pentagrams as either good or evil, depending on the orientation and set the basic guidelines for many rules regarding magic. Despite this, he was quite religious, and believed magic was the result of the power of God, channeled through the will of man.

Part of his work involved astral projection, or the ability to remove the spirit from the body willingly on a cosmic scale. 


When one places their palm in the centre of the pentagram, their spirit is removed from the body. The spirit can move freely in all directions and can re-enter the body at will. While the artifact is being used, the body of the user will appear dead, and cannot be awoken. 

While in an astral form, the user can see the spirits of other living things as a glowing light in their body and can communicate with them mentally. It is also possible, through concentration, to act as a conduit, allowing many people to talk telepathicaly at the same time.

Neutralising the cloth does not de-activate it. Only the person under its effects can choose when to return to the body, though they must locate it first. As the body no-longer has a visible life-force, finding it may be difficult. If the body is in a fatal situation, returning to it will cause instant death.


Details of its retrieval are not known, but it was one of the artifacts brought to the Warehouse by Agent Felix Draco  when he was hired.

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