Elias Carter's Church Spire
Church steeple


Elias Carter


Church Spire


Temperate Climate Change


Invasive visions of religious worship


Installation on a roof

Collected by

Warehouse 13





Date of Collection

May 23, 1921



Excerpted from Wikipedia:

Elias Carter (1781-1864) was an American architect whose first church design, at Brimfield, Massachusetts, was completed in 1805 … He was responsible for the construction of a number of churches in central Massachusetts, which an early biographer described as "typical white steepled churches of New England". His most influential design appears to have been the church in Templeton, Massachusetts, which inspired the design of at least two others. He also built houses throughout central Massachusetts, as well as a wing of the Westborough State Hospital, and played a role in the construction of the New Hampshire state insane asylum.


Turns the surrounding climate into a New England tourist destination. Extremely brutal snowstorms, autumnal foliage color change, broiling heat and mud-soaked rains are all possible outcomes. Some even occur directly after one another, without any pattern at all.

Given all the historical significance concentrated upon churches and religious practice/dissent since the colonization efforts, the spire blares out waves of dogma. At any moment, people within the nearby radius will have townhouse psalm citations playing in their ears and censer smoke clouding their eyes. The sudden need to attend confession or secede from any belief system occurs sporadically but with great gusto.

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