1953 Buick Roadmaster






Standing near the car for more than a few minutes and the car calls for a person to get inside. Once inside the person vanishes, rarely something comes back, organic but not known if it's human




Always active, standing close to it

Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agents







Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

As far as everything went the police troop that had impounded the Buick refused to tell the Agents about their experience with the vehicle. The Sargent in charge took the Agent in charge aside to explain a few things. He explained the radius of the reach of the car, the safety precautions that went with it and what they observed while it was in their possession. Temperature changes inside and movements without anyone touching the car, such as window wipers going wiping. Due to evasiveness of the Sargent the Agent in charge later returned wearing Juan Seguin's Bandolier. The Sargent confessed that they had video taped the vehicle which showed a trooper getting inside and vanishing along with something coming out. The camcorder wasn't in the best place to see whatever came out and when someone investigated it, there was only a black mark on the ground. Agents collected all evidence, including video camera and all tapes.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Standing near the car for more than a few minutes and the car calls for the person to get inside. Once inside the person vanishes, it’s unsure if the car teleports them somewhere or ‘eats’ them. Very rarely a creature from another place is transported into the car (Only five documented cases since it was discovered in 1979) creatures melt soon after leaving the car leaving no trace.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The vehicle suddenly appeared at a gas station, it was impounded and eventually Warehouse Agents were brought in to tow the Warehouse. Instead of putting it into the Dark Vault an Agent built a shed in the Route 66 section and the vehicle was placed inside there. As long as no one stays in the shed for more than five minutes they are safe. Safety precautions are in place if someone must go inside, more than one person at a time is required and a rope must be around the waist of the person who goes inside while the other person waits just outside with the other end of the rope.

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