Edward Oxford's Percussion Caps


Edward Oxford


Percussion Caps


User performs upon dramatic, often criminal desires


Causes mass insanity



Collected by

Warehouse 12


The Bedlam Vault





Date of Collection

October 7, 1861


Origin[edit | edit source]

Edward Oxford was the first person that attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria. He bought a pair of pistols, gunpowder flask, percussion caps and bullets and began practicing in shooting ranges around London. He positioned himself along a path near Buckingham Palace and shot once each at Prince Albert and a pregnant Queen Victoria. The royal couple was riding relatively alone in a low-height open carriage; Oxford was immediately captured and admitted to his actions. However, legal investigation cast doubt on whether the guns were ever loaded, which Oxford claimed only had powder.

He was found not guilty of insanity, as many at the time believed alcoholism was an inheritable trait that lead to his act. Committed to the State Criminal Lunatic Asylum in Bethlem, Southwark, he remained relatively sane for the entirety of his duration.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Although Oxford bought 50 caps, only 32 have been recovered over the years; seven have been destroyed.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The wielder will randomly experience the need to commit brazen theatrical acts, usually criminal in nature. It is noted to cause a degree of mental clarity in the user, as they appear to prepare better for future events and exercise more rationality, even though they do not actually become smarter. Everyone around the user will experience the opposite, as activation releases waves of mania inducing vibrations, causing mass insanity.

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